I never knew that i will be that alone without you… till the time i lived without you… Tumhari bahut yaad aati hai.. but i dont want to say that i miss you b’cz i know you are pissed of listening to me everytime sending you a text or saying that “I miss you”.. it has become a common statment to you isn’t it. But shouting about it for a long time doesnt decreases my pain for missing you.. i still want you to know and understand that i’m so alone without you and i need you, need you the most. I still have the zeal left in me which can cry out for life and can tell you that i miss you always.. whenever i feel of the coming time i find it still difficult for me to survive.. beacuse i miss you.. i want you to be there in that time and want you to understand me that i missed you so much in the time that i just spent, spent without you, which i never wanted to and i’m so sad because of that. The time i lived without you bothered me alot and dont want to be bothered anymore.. i want to be with you.. i want you to take out some of your precious time for me.. and feel, feel for me that what i’ve been going through without you..The time become so tough with me.. and life become so difficult to live. It feels like i dont get response from half of my heart and only half of my heart beats, the rest is so numb. I feel like i cried river for you and you didnt care for that.. because its been so usual to you, isnt it..?
Having said all the above things.. i still confess that i want to tell you that i miss you so much, i want you to please understand that and come back to me with the love that only you can give.. the calmness that only your company can give.. the acknowledgement that only you can do.. B’cause your hand is the only hand that can wipe my tears and none can.. I MISS YOU..

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