Morning without You..

When I open my eyes
I see me waking up lonely.
Tears rolling out as my cries
I wipe my tears, 
as I'm alone and only.

C'mon, come to me,
just make some sound.
I wanna feel you near to me,
just make me feel you around.

How am I supposed to be,
when you are not there.
I want you close to me,
like the light and the air.

Oh! baby you're making me pray,
pray for you every moment I'm alive.
I'm without you every passing day,
wanna hold you tight...
until every moment I'm alive..


Sunset & You..

Watching the sun go down,
I see the morning turning to night.
Been missing you so much around,
come back to me & hold on too tight.

You will come back,
breathing with this trust.
Down with memories attack,
craving for you, like this thrust.

Like the reflection of the light,
in my heart you shine.
You're so lovely, You're so bright,
come back to me, wanna make you mine.

I'm watching the sun go down,
thinking of my princess in the crown.
Soon we will be together in the town,
will be watching the sun go down.