Heart Locker


May be you can't see.. 
the tears in my eyes,
that doesn't mean I can't cry..
May be you didn't know..
I was pretending to smile,
that didn't mean i was happy..
May be you heard me saying..
that i was fine..
it didn't mean that i wasn't hurt..
May be you didn't even know..
that you don't know me,
I understand, doesn't comfort me,
Because I know you don't
even you don't know me..

Through My Eyes

If you could see by my eyes,
you would see a million cries.
A million griefs lost in the smile,
a long road that ends in a mile.

Those eyes full of hopes,
need your hands to cope.
So much they have to cry for,
yet they know its not the time to die for.

Fighting is the only way,
to make your smile win this game.
enlightening yourself everyday,
to make yourself win the fame.

If you could see by my eyes
you would want to cry for cries.
You may not have a million to smile,
But million feelings to share for a while.

P.S.: For those helpless people who need a hand for help, for those people who still has got humanity left in them. Helping them is helping yourself.

Someday Someway

She jumps in my thought,
She pumps in my blood,
every moment I live,
stronger it goes to tie the knot.

I look through the air.
I see a picture of her.
I close my eyes
I see you to my surprise.

You are always high on me,
Just like the sky on me,
You shine through my days,
Like the sun and its rays.

You gonna stay in me,
till my life will stay in me.
No matter what way,
We gonna make it someday.

P.S.: I Miss You

Deep Within

Each breathe of mine,
without you it's not fine.
Most of my life belongs to you,
And the rest is mine.

My life is worthless,
my days are mirthless.
Without You,
That's How I'm 
Without You.

Bring back life to me,
Bring back sense to me.
I'm so cold and numb,
Bring back please, 
get me some.

The tale of me & you is not over,
you are somewhere deep within
Until my love & life is not over.
You'll be all in me,
Somewhere deep within.

She's Been the Love

She's been away,
while I'm left on the way.
She's been far,
just like the shining star.

She's been all,
when I've nothing at all.
She's been the light,
in the lonely scary night.

She's been the hope,
while I've no way to cope.
She's been the wish,
like the Gods grace n bliss.

She's been the only,
When I'm all lonely.
She's been my ever,
For who I can wait forever.

P.S.: I'm missing you so terribly that I can't find life any more in me.. I wont let it end this way.

Different World

Lets make a world,
defined in a different word.
Where emotions're worth,
in the humans on this earth.

Where selfishness is a forgotten term,
and, enemies are some rotten germ.
Where love is in the air,
and, we get so much in fair.

Where eyes get full of happy tears,
and, you get cared for years.
Where life doesn't seem worth leaving,
and, you get one more day for living.

I wanna belong to that world,
where people don't act curled.
Lets define it in a different word,
and make it different world.

P.S.: There was a lot to say but I wanted to keep the poem short. Let me know how you felt reading it?

StrangeRs Again!

Once, on a day,
through the life's way.
You meet one, strangeR,
and they become your life changer.

Doing every possible thing,
to get attached by the string.
Either its running miles,
or even by faking smiles.

StrangeRs become friends,
over & over like trends.
Sharing every laugh,
even the fears & tears, in half.

So one day, you feel,
being more than friends.
So some way, you steal..
heart, being more than trends.

You'll never realize,
the miracles you did.
To make them ever realize,
just happy, all you did.

Hugging, Kissing, cuddling,
time keeps flying away.
Later its puddling or muddling,
life keeps changing away.

Once, on a day,
it becomes a blame game.
somehow or someway,
relationship becomes a lame name.

Taking each other for granted,
or with time you're changing.
feelings aren't strong as planted,
because someone stopped trying.

Over & over once on a day,
tolerance is now enough.
It just happens this way,
its impossible & is now tough.

Someone who you liked the most,
is someone now, hated the most. 
you move on with a life changer,
again just like being the strangeR.

Left with memories,
with some faded times.
Love notes & gestures,
& voices like some faded chimes.

Desperation becomes separation.
Importance becomes ignorance.
Try hard, keep them away from their pain,
before you become strangeRs again.

Once, every day,
remember how you started.
Try your best every way,
Just the way, how you started.

P.S.: Always put the same effort in your relationship which you put in the beginning else you will start being strangers and will even end being strangers.

P.S.: This is my first attempt of writing such a big poem so excuse... But do let me know what you liked or disliked about it.

Morning without You..

When I open my eyes
I see me waking up lonely.
Tears rolling out as my cries
I wipe my tears, 
as I'm alone and only.

C'mon, come to me,
just make some sound.
I wanna feel you near to me,
just make me feel you around.

How am I supposed to be,
when you are not there.
I want you close to me,
like the light and the air.

Oh! baby you're making me pray,
pray for you every moment I'm alive.
I'm without you every passing day,
wanna hold you tight...
until every moment I'm alive..