One in Billions !!

When i was miles away,
I rested in your thoughts..
whispering in your ears,
hugging you tight.. 

lips are sealed tongue is tied,
look into my eyes.. 
read through unspoken words..
holding me so tight..

The one thing that i wanna say
I whisper.. to the one in billions.. 
but you are million miles away.. 
I Love You.. more than the trillions...!!

When my eyes are closed..

When my eyes are closed,
take me to a place, so warm and safe
right there, i see your face, your beauty.
even when you are 80,
the beauty that can never be replaced.

A smile to pull out of the grief,
an embrace to feel out of the blue,
a place to hide more..
there i will always be.. 

let the sun burn out and moon to fade
No matter what, will always be there,
the love i have got, will never fade.

when you are alone and sad
go to the place so warm  and safe,
I wait there opening my arms..
patiently waiting even when I'm no more..!

The Last Time..

Sitting on the edge of the roof,
all numb to get scared,
hitting up by the proof,
you were the only one..

the one to make me smile,
the one who could give me all her heart,
to make me walk a mile,
even when she is hurt & i'm hurt..

every ounce of my soul,
every drop of my blood here,
would want only you..
if you could be here..

the last time, I would touch,
the last time, I would feel..
the last time, I would hear,
the last time, I would live..
... just in love of you!!