Your Smile..

I know there's two faces,
facing different places.
But the feelings, one,
since the heart is one.

Ask your heart once,
If you close your eyes.
Who you want around.
When the emotions are high
whose hug you want around.

I know it's just difficult.
But what makes it impossible.
Hold my hand,
& we will make it possible.

Every smile that I see,
makes it easier.
Every pal with you,
makes it closer.

P.S.: Keep Smiling Love..!!


Where am I looking at,
What am I looking for.
What way to go out,
What way to come in.

Lot of queries to ask,
Lot of memories to erase.
Lot of things unsaid,
Lot of things undone.

This is what we get mad after,
this is what we get sad after.
This is what, was before,
This is what, is today.

We knew all of 'em.
But were still lost yesterday.
& lost untill today.
Will be lost forever untill the time ends!!