Being Unwanted !!

The pain of being unwanted can only be felt when you become uwanted for anyone. People ignore you hate you but still keep on looking for someone who can be your for all the time. You look at people, sitting alone somewhere, you see them roaming around with someone talking to someone, everbody wants someone and they have it…. but why this unwanted creature have no one who could want him and doesnt get ignored… i wish i could also feel that i live in the world created by GOD where human lives and god made them so loving but why do they forget that people around them are also human and need the same love and care as they need it from someone else..
“my eyes looked into yours and asked you to read my desire that i wanted you to love me and dont hate me i’m just love at heart and noting else.. you can take away all my pain and lonliness that kills me every moment and make me pessimist with all the thoughts.. somewhere i had been living you and not me and i know why .. just to be with you all the time.. i struggled alot to be with you.. but why it is so difficult for you to understand.. theway you need it i need the same way..

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