When "I see U"

I write these words because fortunately or unfortunately i felt these… i wish you could also feel these while reading, the same way as i did..
when i see you, i see you upside down and my heart throbs a lil more. My heart says silently OH ! HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS.. i look into your lil brown eyes which shines.. And shows the beauty inside, it lets me know silently that how happy you are seeing me though you dont say the same in words, but your eyes do.. I see in them and tries to find out the depth of the words that you say, I get to know you more i suppose when i look into your beautiful eyes.. I’m being honest saying that i listen you less and i see you more or rather i feel you more.. And when i ask you what did you say ? Some how you get to know that i was lost in looking at you and knowing this, you smile .. My heart gets shocked again and here she smiles again.. OH ! WHAT A SMILE.. that beautiful smile takes my breathe away, i forget everything in me and just know you.. You’re the one i was looking for, till now in my life. Things have come alive.. My dreams again fly.. fly higher in the sky.. i wish i could hold your beautiful face and tell you that you are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL I’VE EVER KNOWN and want to tell you that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH & I’M AFRAID OF LOOSING YOU.. please dont ever make me loose you and please save me of getting paralised, i know i will/and i get so numb when you go away.. but i cant help it you are the only one who can make things work for me but i dont know how should i make you understand that, i’m not complaing this to you… i know you do understand that but its just that things are not, right for now.. But as we’ve known each other now.. and we dont want to loose each other now, so God will make things happen as per what we’re honest about.. You know your smile and your glittering eyes hyptonises me for the coming time..

Author : Rajiv Anand ~ Every Night Has A Morning ~ Click here to read other posts

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