She says be HAPPY :-)

I havent heard from her for the past few days properly. I dont want to be annoying so dont text or call much now but when i’m out of control then i call .. I get no response. she does not answer.
I cant breath… I want to cry and scream. ..I feel like I have been punched in the gut. I love her, she hurts me so freaking bad.. I want to scream but instead I say, that I understand. I am hurt but not mad.. I am happy for her. I am left scrambeling. She says she feels awful but now she cant cheat to my mind.. I DO understand this. She says she hopes i will stay happy.. I tell her too to be happy… i keep on thinking then lost in my world…
then when we talk.. she catches me upset and and asks me what happend to telll me but what should i say her… I want to scream LOVE ME DAMN ! She asks again and again and I tell her I am fine.
I wonder if she is the prettiest.. I wonder she is most beautiful… I dreamt of but now it is squashed! I wonder.. is there REALLY another girl in the world like you ? I bet no.. there’s not. I wonder how and why …!!!
But mostly I wonder how I could have been so insanely stupid. How could I believe this love ?
I put A LOT on the line.. maybe it wasnt all for HER .. maybe it was because I know the place I am in now is not good and SHE was my way out.. Im not sure
All I know is this hurts reall fucking bad !

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