This is about a girl who doesn’t know herself, and whatever she knows about herself is less than what I know about her. Want to tell her few things with what I’m writing over here…
A girl with lot of joys in her but saw only pain in her, A girl with lot of wishes in her but saw only the dreams that died & doesn’t realize about the one that born every day, A girl who knows no limit to the world but just saw where she stopped for a while, A girl who still lives but felt the pain of only leaving.. I met you a day.. thought got someone like me, she got things in her life like me, she got things in her like me. But she upsets me sometimes b’coz I want to make her learn how to win like the way I learnt it. She knows what she has got but dsn’t see her in positive but see her in negative.. I want you to realize that the way you are deep in this earth in the same way you’re high in the sky.. I want you to see the sky full of winnings, not the depth of earth full of losses. You got things in you which can make you win, as you won over the time and life and lived your life for this long despite the fact that people gave you lot of disappointments. You still lived and didn’t leave because this mean world didn’t care for you. I want you to dig this whole where you seems to be lost and come out of this and show the world that how you evolved out of the worst. She’s got the voice so soothing but she still feels that it’s bad because she is tired of talking to herself and listening herself. She’s tired of thinking and now she wants someone to think of her. She doesn’t want to care about herself any more because she wants someone now to take care of her. You need to know that the best can still happen in life, but only if you do not loose the hope. She carries herself as a light to show the way to others but she is lost in the darkness. Please come out of this and make me happy for you. It’s that I’m not happy, I’m happy but for me that I’ve someone like you in my life but I want you to make me happy for you now.
Remember only the nights are dark but the days are still full of light, just wake yourself to see the days and not the nights. I know you will do it. I’ve the confidence in you and I trust you to make it right and stop living the wrongs. Live yourself in you not the others in you, and then see how things changes, you will see the happiness around, you will see things happening around you which never happened before. Don’t see the people but see the birds around who still have time to look at you, don’t listen to people but listen to the birds who sings for you just to make you happy.
Everyone around you, wants you to be happy. So please be happy..:)

Dont Want to FEEEEL:(

I’m afraid that, why life doesn’t have ending situations the moment something is about to end God gives a new situation to tackle. I was not yet done with what I had in my life and a new thing came up. It’s very difficult for me to forget anything and I think that it’s the same for someone else. Was it so difficult to understand for the God that he created such creatures and left with such a life?
Everybody’s life is full of trauma, mine is so, I can understand it, BUT MY HEART CAN’T! It’s broken. I want to tell this that it’s so difficult sometimes for me to live with this. For how long I’ll have to keep making fun of me and enjoy others doing it. I know they does but I don’t blame them because I know that they don’t have to care about my feelings that what I’m going thru because they have their own to feel. But why I can understand each time and to everyone, why everyone wants me to understand every time, Why cant they understand that God made me human too and I’m also suppose to live the same happiness, suppose to get the same love and get understood, as the other can. If I can, then why can’t they? I’m not an alien but why they take me as an alien as in I’ve got no emotions I DO HAVE GOT THE SAME EMOTIONS & FEELINGS AS YOU. I don’t want people to give me their world to me but I just want their little understanding for me, little love for me, little feelings for me. I can be the best if I get these.
I’m not a pessimist and keep feeling all bad about my surroundings BUT WHY SORROUNDING IS NOT AT ALL GOOD FOR ME. I’M NOT A SINNER. I’ve good and positive feelings but this world doesn’t let me keep the same good things for them. Why can’t they see that they hurt me I get tears in my eyes as Easley as you can cry, I can still feel the lonesome which I should be habituated of now, and used to this life! I’m getting older with these things in my life every day. If life has to be the same then I don’t want this human generation to exist anymore, I want this world to crash down and destroyed completely I don’t want my kids to live the same what I’m living. I don’t want them to go through the same pain which I’m going through.

My L( v )V

The most wonderful feelings than i can ever feel of something so strong that with just one touch i get chills and feel tingly with a smile i blush with a kiss I feel it inside my soul . . and I know when I hug or just stare in those eyes that this is it the one
I will never let go, she is the most spectacular person in the world and when i’m with her nothing else is around, a simple stroke threw my hairs and i feel all warm and butterflies and I know i’m all her and she will always care for me and I for her. she is my light through the never ending darkness of my life ..my angel . . the love of my life and none can ever take this away I would die for her and even though i may say sweet things no amount of words are good enough and no word is powerful enough, no posession god enough handed. I feel like she deserve everything in the world, she desire the greatest things made but even that would never be enough love is different for each person but one thing i know for sure it is not just a feeling or emotion its not a choice God made someone for everyone and i found my soul mate, my LOVE and her name is . . she has my heart she is my world my universe my galaxy she is my light my angel the love of my life i would give anything just to see her face or a smile, she her laugh her touch her hands anything to be with her is so spectacular and the only words i can say to describe the feeling is i’m in love . . when i see her my heart beats so fast it feels as if its gonna explode and love fills my whole body and bursts out and no argument or person or anything could ever take it away true soul mates never die and she is my life my love my world MY FUTURE! I'm in love with a girl so perfect I would like to know what I should do or be to deserve someone as wonderful as her . . this is not all I could write forever but it will never be enough . . .this is just some of my story yours may be different . . . but theres one thing for sure I that you also know this love, let it happen to you . .

I cant explain it
its like when you meet someone that you would die for, and you cant live happily without them but you would also be willing to let them go their own way so that they could be happy forever…..

I feel like …every time we talk i want to say something but i don't know what. I try to picture what will happen next time when we will be together.. i think of cute things to say when i’m around her.I try to get her attention even when i’m already have it. I cant look at her or in her eyes without smiling. I cant get through a single song without thinking of how it suits us or her. I over analyze everything she does and says around me and feel like a complete idiot for doing everything i do. but i know she is the love anyway. when she leaves after i want her to come back as soon as possible.. no matter how much time we have it never seems like enough. and my heart starts to beat slower but faster and the same time…

It feels like all my emotions are in her and i would do anything to please her. I feel so powerful when she’s around. I would forget everything else that’s bad in my life only by being with her…