This is about a girl who doesn’t know herself, and whatever she knows about herself is less than what I know about her. Want to tell her few things with what I’m writing over here…
A girl with lot of joys in her but saw only pain in her, A girl with lot of wishes in her but saw only the dreams that died & doesn’t realize about the one that born every day, A girl who knows no limit to the world but just saw where she stopped for a while, A girl who still lives but felt the pain of only leaving.. I met you a day.. thought got someone like me, she got things in her life like me, she got things in her like me. But she upsets me sometimes b’coz I want to make her learn how to win like the way I learnt it. She knows what she has got but dsn’t see her in positive but see her in negative.. I want you to realize that the way you are deep in this earth in the same way you’re high in the sky.. I want you to see the sky full of winnings, not the depth of earth full of losses. You got things in you which can make you win, as you won over the time and life and lived your life for this long despite the fact that people gave you lot of disappointments. You still lived and didn’t leave because this mean world didn’t care for you. I want you to dig this whole where you seems to be lost and come out of this and show the world that how you evolved out of the worst. She’s got the voice so soothing but she still feels that it’s bad because she is tired of talking to herself and listening herself. She’s tired of thinking and now she wants someone to think of her. She doesn’t want to care about herself any more because she wants someone now to take care of her. You need to know that the best can still happen in life, but only if you do not loose the hope. She carries herself as a light to show the way to others but she is lost in the darkness. Please come out of this and make me happy for you. It’s that I’m not happy, I’m happy but for me that I’ve someone like you in my life but I want you to make me happy for you now.
Remember only the nights are dark but the days are still full of light, just wake yourself to see the days and not the nights. I know you will do it. I’ve the confidence in you and I trust you to make it right and stop living the wrongs. Live yourself in you not the others in you, and then see how things changes, you will see the happiness around, you will see things happening around you which never happened before. Don’t see the people but see the birds around who still have time to look at you, don’t listen to people but listen to the birds who sings for you just to make you happy.
Everyone around you, wants you to be happy. So please be happy..:)

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    1. Thats Good of you being happy... Keep up!! N i wish the the ever happiness for you..


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