I understand that you travel in BMW but do you’ve a friend to walk along when your BMW is broke ?

This content I’m writing about relations. A human is born with relation, but then time take away this relation. Whether it’s a born relation like parents or siblings or any relation in this world. I’m surprised that why it happens if God takes it away then Why he gives us with a relation. Sometimes we pray and ask God for a relation to stay in our life, sometimes without asking we get the relation in our life that’s so strange.. If somebody comes in our life and then they quit from our life WHY they don’t have the right to do it.. to come and go.. it shouldn’t happen.. I being a human I understand human emotions but why other people can’t ? I feel God should make some rules and stop this bad practice so that at least someone like me doesn’t looses on the relations in life. Its very strange in life that somebody who we do not expect to be loyal and kind to us comes out to be the BEST one in our life and sometimes the one I expected to b loyal and kind went away of life .. not even saying the reason why they left.. that person didn’t even give you chance for you to make things better and solved. And that thing is called a cheating in life.. “YOU CHEATED WITH ME IN LIFE” God bless you friend and I hope that the life doesn’t cheats you and you being a cheater still there are people around you who is being loyal and not cheating on you. I faced up you on my face so that I be the one you wanted me to be but still you said that I’m being ugly & double face to you. However, you didn’t ever realize that you made me that two face. It’s not still the end, life has too many unwrapped gifts for everyone the way I’m unwrapping gifts everyday, sometimes good sometimes bad, you’ll also unwrap too many gifts in life my friend. It could be friend or a enemy for you, now you need to choose which gift you want to unwrap my friend.
I’ve learned in my lifetime so far that you can’t help who you fall for and no matter how hard you try and how much it hurts every day, you still want to be with them or just talk to them you never stop trying to make them happy by the little things you say or do because thats what makes your life worth going on.. but still that person walks away from your life just for the hake of getting a good chance of getting a good one. WAOW ! what a beautiful life God make us to live. I thank you for coming in my life and then walking away leaving my hand & me on the lonely way of life.. I thank you for giving such a good experience in life and making me learn a good thing about life. I can walk alone and alone can make the wonders happen. I will make sure that I don’t become the same like you because now I’ve known that how much it hurts to someone who you leave alone in the starry darkness for who you were the only light to travel through the pain of life.
“I thought of building a bridge between us but you chose to build a wall….” I wanted you to stay in my life so that I can make it beautiful and you could enjoy the beauty but you chose it to be ruined and stink to you, so its not my fault. “SORRY”.
“I was born with relations but time made me orphan”

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