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Oops Its time to write about me.. I can write maybe anything when it comes to blogging but when it comes to write about me, It becomes a challenge since I cant write about me in just few words.. My life was/is a roller coaster ride.. I cant say that i hate my life since I am also a God made human but cant really even say that i love my life.. I write about anything that pops up in my mind.. I am a blogger by hobbies.. and writing is my passion and by profession i have 5 years of experience in service industry and currently into supply chain management. Just trying to Unlock every corner of my heart by unlocking the super words of my feelings.. Trying to be a Human that God expected me to be.. If you follow me I will follow you back for sure!! I hope you will like me as a human.. if you didn't cant help it.. but remember i would love to be your friend...

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