Move On

 "The only thing which is Constant.." "CHANGE"

No one in this world will not agree to it.. Time changes, Day changes, weather changes, things changes so do I & U.. I know changes are not always good sometimes we like it sometimes we don’t. But it’s a part of life and everyone in this world need to live with it whether they like it or not.
My life has changed a lot in such a small life that I’ve lived. Since my childhood nothing was ever constant for me. Every bit of my life has got a pain of dynamic changes in my life. Still facing it and will be facing it unless and until I hate it completely and I close my eyes to these changes and I say finally a lovely goodbye to the world.
Every day I try to cope up with the changes around and the changes inside..
Now again I’m trying to stand up with the bad hit in my leg.. I am trying to pull myself out of that painful stories, I m trying to sleep again after the long sleepless nights of my life. I cried, I screamed, I was hurt time in time again and again.. day in and day out I was harassed with all the shameful act that she did. I was left alone because I promised to be with her, I was awarded with this pain because I promised the love to her, I was not cared at all because I promised a lot of care for her. My eyes was filled with the tears every time because I promised to dream for her.. I did all, I kept all the promises but where was your promises.. I want to ask what you did with your promise please tell me. I want to know. I am not only asking this from you but asking it from the God too so please answer me.
Oh! Yes God answered me with YOU.. With you my angel .. I’m starting my life again.. I’m standing again, I want to run again in my life and touch the stars with you.. I want to go on & on this time, go on to the star. Live my life again.. yes I want to love my life again.. Oh! Help me move on.. with all my effort I’m trying to move on please let me move on. Help me God, bless me one more time.. the angel you sent to me I love her a lot.. I want to keep on loving her until I die.. so help Move On.. !!