Rain Again

I wish the sky to rain
and I could kiss you again
Stealing you from the crowd
Hiding you in my arms around

Oh! God let the sky rain
let me fall again
again in the love of that wet girl
The rain drops rolling on her lips
making me loose again

People running for shelter
She is looking at me like a melter
My heart is pounding
your eyes staring
staring into my soul

Thinking of this makes me
smile so bright
trying to hold on to you tight
I just can't wait..
wait to see you again
Oh! Sky please rain.. rain again..

Mist on the Leaf

It was the night
that leaf was alone in the dark
lost in herself
Scared in the dark..
Then the mist fell in her arms!!

They hugged, they kissed, they loved
Loved till the morning
Mist rolled all over
touching and kissing all the corners of leaf
Its the leaf who knew
what she felt through out the night

There it was, the morning
Mist was shining in the light
leaf swinging and blushing
loving each other more was the great fight
Fight of love through out the night

Oh! heat !! Heat of sun was too bad
Mist started to dry
dry like the tears in the eyes of leaf
Leaf started getting still and numb
She could only feel the pain of separation
gonna miss him through out her life

It was the end
mist is yet in the arms
somewhere lost in the veins of leaf
running through the life in her
But she wont ever forget
that night and the fight,
fight of loving more