Two Strange"R"

What a strange life we have… sometimes very easy to understand and sometimes very difficult to understand.. sometimes very lucky sometimes very unlucky.. but I know that this is life.. Strange Life.
What if one find a strange girl in this strange life.. This is what happend with me.. I found one strange”R” and it has become now so strange for me that I don't know how I can understand that girl so deeply? How I know almost everything about her? But she is the girl who really does not want anyone to show the mirror of her. And I know why she does not want that.. Because she knows everything about her.. she knows what she is.. she wants to keep those things to her.. she knows that this world will damn care about her.. about her feelings.. She does not want herself to show to this dirty world that she had not been happy inside but had been pretending to be happy.. people always find the smile, so good on her lips.. but never cared about why she is bound to wear that smile.. she is not happy inside.. She is the girl who does not want people to have two faces on them but she knows that this world is so bad.. and everybody try to just show there beautiful face but tries to hide the horn on their head which will hurt someone a day..
I now know a girl, she is Strange”R”. But I want to tell you that you are not a stranger for me… I don’t know how I know you but I know you for the fact. I know you don’t like me understanding you and bringing those things up in front of you, which is buried deep inside your beautiful heart. But I keep bringing those and you get angry, you get rude.. but why cant you believe that you got someone like you.. That’s me.. just like you.. but I guess you don’t like it because you wanted to be always unique. But you found that you are not the only one of your type.. but the same God made you.. made me as well with many similarities between us.. I know that strange”R”.. Oh ! God I love to have a Strange”R” who is not a stranger.. please tell her.. not to go away from me.. Thanks for giving me that strange”R”

Happy New Year 2013 – Make Resolution

Funny New Year Resolutions:
> I won’t take bath everyday, this is my bit to conserve water.
> I promise to stick to these resolutions for more than a week.
> I will learn what the “resolution” means.
> I will not hang around girls because they think I love them.
> I will not bore my boss by with the same excuse for taking leaves. I will think of some more excuses.
> Will try to smoke more, since it will keep the tobacco workers on their job, & they wont be jobless.
> I promise to be nice to my dog. I won’t starve him to death more than 10 times…. in a month.
> I will stop giving excuses to my girlfriend for being late on every date. And, I am not lying this time.
> I will stop sitting idle. Would rather utilize my precious time by sitting on Facebook.
> I will stop peeping into my girlfriend’s male friends profile on facebook.
> I will change my undergarments everyday.
> I will not stare at other girls, when with my girlfriend, though I am not sure when I’d be alone.
> If someone would ask me for choosing one between Babes and Bikes. Babes, I sympathize with you.
Wackiest New Year Resolutions:
> I will stop biting my nails as some places in my nose have become unreachable.
> I will save money from this new year. And, making missed calls tops my to-do list.
> I will stop sniffing my socks every time I take them off.
> I will try to find out the reason behind me having an email id on almost every e-mail service which exists.
> I will stop irritating my Facebook friends by storming their wall with Farmville updates.
> I will stop changing my profile picture 100 times a day, now I would change it only 10 times.
> I vow to brush my teeth everyday. Oh ! please exclude Sunday from everyday.
> I will stop replying with K, LOL, to my friends’ texts.
Serious New Year Resolutions:
> I will mend broken relationships.
> I will focus more on giving rather than taking.
> I will make it sure to give my love a good night kiss whenever he/she sleeps, and a peck on his/her forehead even before sun’s rays wake him/her up.
> I will quit smoking. Not for me, but for my family.
> I will stand by my love come what may.
> Every morning I would say these words to my Love, “Give me all of your tears and take from me all of my smiles”.
> I would try to become my kid’s best friend.
> I will do my bit to stop corruption in my country.
> I would never ever doubt my Love’s commitment for me. And, this is a resolution for the whole life.
> I will not crib about things, would rather remain content for what has life given to me.
How to make a New Year resolution:
> Although many of us make a New Year resolution at the beginning of a New Year but we do it more out of a custom than with actual planning. Also, people don’t spare much thought in finding out what he/she will actually like to achieve in the year. Hence, the success rate with New Year resolution is actually poor. Some tips therefore can become handy in making your New Year resolution a success.
> Fix your target: What is really important to you? What do you want to achieve in the coming days? Setting your priorities will help you set your New Year’s resolution better.
> Make a realistic promise: When we promise, we promise big, without really considering the possibilities of achieving it at the end. This is one of the major causes of higher failure rate with New Year’s resolutions. Hence, make yourself a realistic promise.
> Make an optimistic promise: Try and look at the positive side of the promise. Leave the negative ideas aside. Hence, instead of saying that ‘I’ll not be late at my appointments’ say ‘henceforth, I’ll reach everywhere in time’. The positive tone will help you improve your chances of success.
> Break down big goals: If you have promised yourself a big thing set small targets at first. Instead of looking at the big task on the whole, taking small steps towards achieving it will help you to reach the target easily.
> Develop other habit: We all know that some habits are hard to change. Hence, the best way to change an old habit is by developing other engagement. If you have decided to quit smoking, find another engagement which will relax you and will take your mind away from smoking.
> Never Forget: What you need to do after you have made the resolution and always keep a track what you have achieved & what yet need to be achieved.

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