A walk through the battle ground !! (part 1)

(it's the first part)
When its the dark around..
This world seems to be sleeping around..
I go for a walk.
A walk through my thoughts..
Too many reasons for that !!
I know, I should have slept
But I cant stop..
Oh ! Please don't stop
I need to think around,
Am I leading my life right ?
I know I am driving through storm
Everything is lost..
I ask should I be lost too ?
Some part of me says Yes
But the other says No.
What to do.. Its a fight within !!
How to sleep its a fight within !!
So every night when the night sleeps
I am awake,
On a walk through my thoughts,
A walk through a battle ground.
Its not just thought..
But a walk through the battle ground..

(it's the first part to be continued...)



Lonely Night

Look Around,
Day is passing by..
Night is taking over..
I see the dark around
I am feeling lonely
a little scared.
Oh! Where are you my friend,
hurry up.. come near
come close & hold my hand
I don't want to be left alone.
Everything is disappearing again
This darkness is eating up
I wonder, if
I will disappear too.
But, please hold my hand
I may not see you
But make me feel
You are there
ever and forever
standing by me!!
There is no one
to hear my silence
to see me
to know me
Its all I'm going through now
I am waiting my friend
come and hold me again
 I want to be seen by you
I want to be felt by you
Save me from this monster dark
Oh!! my Friend
Help Me
I might not be there ever
calling you.
I am afraid
This night will kill me
Ease me.
 Oh! my Friend!!

Fly Again

I am a flier..
The wings are broken now..
Like the dreams are broken now..
No one is around to see..
No one is around to feel..
My pain is exploding
Taking my breathe away..
But I know..
I need to live longer..
Its not the end
I need to fly higher
Because I will fly again..
You people with an eye
will see me flying
 And then you all,
a time will make you blind
since, I will fly high &
I will be out of your sight
 Look at me now..
You might not get a chance,
to see me in real.
Because I am the dream.
Long to live
Long to fight
because, now
have got the Broken dreams
& these Broken wings
Let my wound heal
 then I will disappear
Since I will fly again
fly again at the highest
Oh! I am going to FLY AGAIN!!