My Incomplete Love..

I want to see you like the sun shining
Feel like the warmth in the winter
Touch me like the rain when its raining,
Oh ! I am gonna stand  right there.. 
Wait for you.. passing every season..
Just for you.. and no one else !!

You run through my breath,
making me feel alive..
You crawl through my skin,
making me feel again..
Oh ! You are the love..
Love to wait forever..
Love to be with.. ever..

You are the faith I am gonna keep ever,
You are the time I am gonna live in, ever..
You may see the world with your open eyes
But do see me when you close your eyes ever
You gonna find me.., me smiling there..
Find the only one who only smile for you ever
You gonna find.. I was always there
Watching you being happy or in tears..
Watching you being alone or in crowd..
Oh ! I was always there.. there for you forever..

It's like the incomplete poem..
My life would be so incomplete
So please let her know..
When she is around..
that my waiting is ever.. 
And I am gonna wait forever

***Like this poem ~~ my Love will always be incomplete for you even when I die.. Since I want to love you more and more and this life is not enough to love you completely**