A big day in life.. Has go a lot to say about this day but dont know where to start from. seems like everything is so important and i want to talk about just everything.
This is so mysterious that somebody comes in your life, promises every moment and then goes away forgetting all the promises that was made. For me this year had a great start, You came in my life and put the shine everywhere. My life was not so bad before you came in.. all though nothing was so good to keep me happy but i was habituated to what ever i had. You came to my life and i felt that everything is so good and i am so happy with everything that i have after you. Everyday was a treasure to me with you. I waited every second for you when you were not there, when you were there i could not ever stop myself by saying I LOVE YOU.
But still God had made decisions for me which presently i don’t like, i know some day things will become a memory and we will always think that if it could have happened then how it could have been.. similarly how life could have been. But somebody said thinking about something doesn’t changes anything.. is it really true, sorry i do not agree. If i will not think how will i plan, if i will not plan how will i act accordingly, and if i will not act how will i live. I know that God gave me this life to live.. But how without you, you taught me to live with you but why you did not teach me to live without you as well. I am so surprised that how come i let myself so involved in you that i never thought any thing ever without you.. what ever i did you were there so i was able to do..
i dont know why i am writing this i know she will never read it.. she will never know that i was so alone and needed her so much even when she hated me..

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  1. well she is but nt strange evry1 comes in ur life to break u with all d possible things.. but anie how r u ?


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