Suffer For U..

In the corner beside my window there hangs a lonely photograph there is no reason I’d never notice a memory that could hold me back, there is a wound that’s always bleeding, there is a road I’m always walking, and I know you’ll never return to this place, gone through days without talking, there is a comfort in silence, so used to losing all ambition, struggling to maintain what’s left, once undone, there is only smoke burning in my eyes to blind to cover up what really happened force the darkness into me..
She went away, and I’m here to stay, forever in this decaying cell of my heart. Trapped between myself and myself. And you ask me why my eyes would cry bitter blood tears. Why I would lament a god-willed state. A forfeit I shall be, and accept this as my fate. A useless thought ruling on my head, preaching me of its inevitable pain and unyielding thoughts. A foreseeable scene of what is yet to come, and how life will end with no regard of how it is converting to ash and dust. “You believe the eyes only rest once when lastly glazed with the eyes yours, as I take you under my wings of eternal slumber. But I am in every dismal face, scattering pieces of the captured soul. I take your pain into me; your mortal loss is solely my gain. Into my hollow dark heart, you find your remains. So why fear me as life passes you by if the moment you’re born you begin to die? I suffer for you.. Why ?

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