I knew its LOVE

You feel complete for the first time in your life. You feel understood for the first time. You don’t feel alone anymore. You feel like you’ve come home. You feel them with you no matter where you go. You feel their thoughts and they feel yours. You feel your spirit mix and mingle with theirs. You now know you can handle and do anything, nothing is too great. You feel encouraged and empowered by them. You long to be with them whenever away. You feel content, happy, and satisfied. You feel when talking with them that you are talking to yourself. When you look deeply into their eyes, you see and find yourself. Within them you find answers to the deepest of questions. You’re in a constant state of wonderment. With this person astonishment, awe, and surprise never end… you are truly in awe of them. You finally understand, you finally get the meaning, the message of life and love.

Author : Rajiv Anand ~ Every Night Has A Morning ~ Click here to read other posts

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