Things happening in my life would come to an end.. i don’t know when.. Its a big suffering that you gave, there had been lot many people who awarded with the pain.. you also joined them WHY although i loved you.. loved than more than you did, loved you more than i did to me.. why you had to give this pain to me. I know things were not so easy, i know there were too many problems but i also knew that we together could have erased those problems from this chapter of our life. But why you lost the patience? why you lost the faith in your love? why you let you be so weak that you got so helpless.. i never did anything less to make you loose on my love but i think now that, if i could have done things less that could have been much better at least today i could not have been in such a situation where in i could have been so paralyzed and dead to me..
Everything around is still same.. the world is still the same, people around me is still the same.. arms of the clock on the wall still moves on the same way same speed.. why the clock makes me feel that i am so helpless and i cant even help me to do things.. why it tells me that i am left behind in the time and the changes that it brings i cant cope that.. why i am so lost ? why i feel like the painting on the wall has nothing to do other than hanging myself to the wall. This room is killing me.. the room that you gave to my love.. i m locked in the room, i cant come out, its all so suffocated here its very difficult to breathe.. come and feel the darkness, i cannot see anything my mind is jammed, the beats in the heart is so painful.. look at the wings that you gave me to fly i want to fly in your love but i cant its so impossible to shred the wings like shredding the skin… i know you left, left me but with me you left all your memories, you left all the pain you left all the thoughts to live with..
I can tell you that i had been crying.. .its so different than what you know me.. i am so broke.. its all so silent here but still i can hear just you.. i wish i could call you back.. i could stop you but i cant, i beg come back.. please don’t go.. you gonna save my life.. please don’t go..
I know we will have to meet somewhere again, maybe in a different age different time in different forms.. But i will always be there around you.. and i will keep you always in me.. Till then want to say after you I MISS YOU and We will be together again..
my life..
It can never be AFTER YOU..

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