so FAR so AWAY

Its been a long time, its been a high time.. You had been away so far. I want to tell you that I want to see you, I want to feel how it is to be with you, how it feels to sit with you, how it feels to walk along you, how it feels to hold your hand in hand.. How it feels to be in your arms.. Every time you had always been on my thoughts, with me & within me, not in front of my eyes but with in my eyes, my love.. Want to tell you that my eyes feel that wetness because it can’t see what it wants to.. it looks for you all the time.. You beat in my heart I can feel you there baby but look at me how paralyzed I’m that keeping you so near to me, actually in me, but i still can’t touch you.. its not easy baby to live. I want your near, I want you close.
My love is like moon, always I can see, always I can feel, I know always she keep her eyes on me.. But still cant be together at the same earth, Oh! God what a love, what a destiny, Why you kept my love so away from me.. cant you see that I’m dying without her, cant you see how alone I am without her. At least if you cant let her know then please let me be with her once, so that I can be with her and I can look into her eyes hold her hand and say that she is the only one who is not there in my life, she is the one who made my living so difficult because of her absence, I want to tell her that I have everything except her and whatever I don’t have I don’t want because I want you the most. She is the biggest desire, Oh my Love! You are the dream I dreamt most in my life. There could not be the peace like a peace in her arms, there could not be ever such a beauty like the beauty in her eyes. You know I feel like I could not say it better than my eyes can, the pool of my eyes is flooded with the over whelming love of yours.
Sorry that I am complaining but you went away from my life even though you knew that I loved you so much. Even though you knew that I could not have survived without your love. Even though you knew that the only prayer that I do is I pray for you. If you could not have known this then that could have been a different thing but you agreed this that you knew it. I know you always want me to be happy and you ask me to be happy but you taught everything to me except how to live without you, how to live happy without you ? I know you are somewhere out there knowing that I am missing you and when I am missing you I cant be happy but you still want me to continue missing you and be unhappy. Tell me who will take this blame, tell me who I will tell it to, tell me how I will live with all these questions in me. I can do a lot of things to keep me busy, there are too many crappy things to do but I am afraid that I still cant keep you away from my thoughts for a single time, because I don’t want to be happy without you baby.
At the end just want to tell you that please come back, come back and make me alive with your love please don’t be SO FAR SO AWAY.

Author : Rajiv Anand ~ Every Night Has A Morning ~ Click here to read other posts

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  1. Other than silently waiting I must go and find her... Rajiv nice write.
    and just like I found you.. Yogesh

  2. thanx yogi.. gud to see u here.. how r u..?


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