L I E S .

I’ll stay here forever, blocking out the bright vivid colors of your lies. Ever will the touch of your flesh haunt me, the folds our blankets made in the darkness of the night, the thoughts we shared under the moonlight. Broken promises never intended to ever hurt a living soul so dear, ripping holes in my chest.Fresh blood everyday, oozing from my gapping wounds, trickling down my body causing my life to be a world of bloody lies, crimson with hate.The taste of you, forever lasting upon my tounge, i’m etching closer to that sweet smell of pain. now solitude is every thing to me, there’s nothing more that I want…Wrap me in all coldness, hold me, don’t stop until I’m gone…Let me feel your cold touch, feel you, feel pain all over my body… Release my soul from your existence. release my soul and curse me to darkness. Darkness falling down upon an open bleeding slab. Piercing through the night like nothing ever has Slipping smoothly through all the cracks For which were never really known . A cold damp darkness that once felt can never be removed The dark of sadness that pierces ever wound. And as i crash upon a hollow ground, All i ever knew begins to fade beyond my sight Stealing away all happiness and joy from my eyes. This is a place where such a happiness cannot exist. A place where the darkness never loosens its strong grip. Where all hope of ever escaping is lost to an empty nothingness,Where the only thing that ever falls besides myself Is a storm of tears falling to an empty ground Forever falling through the night Without the smallest glimmer of sunshine A darkness only known by those who has been cursed by you and your crimson lies..

Author : Rajiv Anand ~ Every Night Has A Morning ~ Click here to read other posts

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