Here is what happens to everyone.. i suppose… So IT HAPPEND with me as well.
For sure but someone comes once in life and knocks the door of your closed heart.. asks weather she can come in. Someone came to my heart knocking my closed door of heart, I didnt knw that time what to say.. but i kept thinking and till the time i was able to respond she was allready in my heart and thereby in my life…
She turned my world around… like a hurricane that hit my world strongly… which probably, i was never able to stop.. i dont know how but i told her things that i never shared with anyone. She absorbs everything that say and actually wanted me to say more and more. She never thought if she could stop me and could tell me that shut up.. its been enough.. i’m tired of listening to your crap.. just stop it here.. she never told me that.. she makes me feel that she likes me alot and loves me for the words that i’m able to describe to her.. I shared all my hopes for future, my dreams which will never come true, my goals that i had not been able to achieve yet and want to achieve in my life and i also shared all the disappoinments that people & life has thrown at me. When anything that happens.. its like i go so crazy to tell her about it that i cant wait for her call to come in and i keep on ringing her with the hope that she will be the most happiest person in the world to know about it.. and if its bad.. she will be the best to console me on that.. She doesn’t make me feel embarrased for anything, weather i’m crying for anything or making fool of myself but she always makes me feel good and better about all the things around. She didn’t ever tells me that you’re not good enough to do this, she doesnt hurts me.. but tries and keep my scattered pieces of my heart in place and shows that things are still so beautifull and i’m capable of bringing real life to the several lives that i live everyday. Its so surprising sweet that when you are around me i feel no jealousy, no pressure in my life but only the calmness all around in my life and so peace at heart. I can be myself all the time without being so worried that what you will think of me because you love me for who i am not for who i can be.
I want to tell you that color seems more brighter.. my happiness seems to be the happiest.. when i’m with you. Just a call and a text from you during the day helps to get me through a long and tiring day and somewhere relax me alot… those things which probably i never had intrest on seems to be more facinating because of the fact that you like it…
I want to tell you that since the time you entered in my life… life is so meaningfull and important to me.. The impossible joys that you bought to my life is so possible now beacuse of you. Life is so exciting and worthwhile because of you sweet.
I’m so scared of loosing you BUT still want to keep the hope that you will remain a good friend to me and be so loyal throughout the time i live..
My Love to you is to be continued sweet…

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