Kill That

Its my time lucky i am..i got thrown away.. bt it hurts even better now..its like smbdy is having a nice time putting a chainsaw in n out from the area below my left shouldr..jst kinda lil below it. coz the bloody lil red fella is throbbing, and throbbing u jst shut down n make me at peace..i swear nxt time if i fall 4 nebdy..m gna kil dat blody bastard…i wish if my heart was sm actual person, he would be beaten n bloody by now..and i would’ve found him in a recluse..crying himslf to death.i do promise myslf dis moment..m nvr gna let nebdy in again.m gna shut it in..nvr letting nebdy clos to it..cus they jst knw how to hurt u, use u, insult u, disrespect u, laugh at ur expense,….i swear..

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