When I Need You..

When I need you.. at a time everybody in this world need that someone who can ease them with the several emotional tides going in them. When I say emotional tides I mean the ups and downs of the life.. which we face everyday. Everyday we face something that makes us happy or sometimes sad. But do we not need someone to share each time that we live in? Well.. I need all the time that someone who can really bring the life LIVE.

There's no point of living a life just for self, no one to cheer your happiness, no one to express their sincere condolence when you are all surrounded by just sorrows and loneliness. Well I live my life for That someone who I need at all the time. I know we cant be together all the time but still I don't stop sharing my time with that beautiful, we have miles in between but still my love every time can travel more miles to be with her. For me to be with her it's so simple just close my eyes and be in the world that you want to be. And when I close my eyes the only world I am into, is the world of You & I love. I have so much love to give you and I don't want my time and the distance between us keep us apart even for a minute, since you know life is too short to love someone prettier than love. I will keep closing my eyes to be with my love even when it will be the end of my life. And when I am closing my eyes forever that means I am going to be with my love forever now. No more a distance of miles or a distance of times.
Just Love You Forever.

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