Slept Forever :(

I looked up wondering why is she gone
I looked up seeing her face telling me the story
I looked up wondering how it could have been
I Cried out for her name to be found
I Cried out for our love to be born
I Cried for our lives to be true
I Cried out for her voice to be called
I Cried out for her heart to be mine
I demanded for her love
I demanded for my star
I daydreamed that from now on we are never to be
I sat down wondering how comes
I sat down looking at her ways
I sat down seeing the end
I sat down listing to her goodbyes
I sat down wondering why am i in this pain
I sat down thinking how could i love her
I sat down dreaming on how i could love anyone like her
I sat down..& I slept.. slept forever..

Author : Rajiv Anand ~ Every Night Has A Morning ~ Click here to read other posts

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