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As we all know that life is a "STORM" that keeps you blowing with the wind of time. Sometimes it makes you fly high in the SKY or sometimes it throws you to the earth and again it pics you up.. Thats how it keeps going. I am living a life too within that storm. Like the way no one knows next time you gonna be on the earth or may be in the earth or will be flying in the sky high with all your dreams getting true. My life is same, full of uncertainty that keeps your life rocking since you always need to be on your toes to survive, since you just can not get killed either by someone or by yourself. Because its a PRECIOUS life that God has given to learn. But I keep wondering that throughout our life we keep learning things until we die when we will do the last Mathematics of living then exactly we can say that we know most of life. I want to live a day, when I know my certain future. I am not saying that I need some power to change my future but I just need a day, when i can look at people and smile with a thought that I am not one of you who doesn't know that what your coming time gonna bring for you but I am one of them who knows the future, my future. Umm.. The best day to know about will be the day of my death. When only I will know that I am going to die, God is taking off all my pain that I went through my whole life, bearing, crying and dragging my life. I will look at the world with my wet eyes and a little smile on lips saying with a silent word that I am no more going to be a part of you, its enough of the hatred to me by you all. Now with no body and just with a soul I will be loved.. loved again by the GOD.

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