How much longer can I Last ?

Help you through hard times, as you do I but you really don’t know how much I hide, Even though we were the best I really don’t think you can understand, I can’t bear the hurt, I can’t stand the pain.. A feeling of numbness I can’t explain…This is a life in which I walk alone. Full of hope shattered and broken always angry for no reason at all constantly wanting to end this fighting with myself again, and again,.. Sometimes I want this life to end.. But inside me is the worst of all I don’t know how long I can stand for my life Memories of happiness are shooed away But horrible twisted thoughts always stay in mind Nothing I can do.. There’s no hope in the sky I’m a rainstorm filled with dark black skies and a haunting rainfall full of lies I only wish I could make her see I’m trying hard so I can be..♥
Someone, she that can trust and love instead she tells me.. I’m not good enough, everything I do is a wrong decision.. she constantly tells me I’m not living the path that she truly wishes me to live. If I could I’d erase myself from here I wouldn’t have to live this fear i also wish to be always happy, fun, Instead I look at myself in the mirror disappointed in the reflection that appears it’s hard to live when you don’t love who you are.. ☻
Wishing that you could change it all deary day I make a mental note how much would I miss, if I decide to go and how much hurt makes me lean towards the edge is slowly creeping up the hedge How much longer can I last?

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