Anonymous (part II)

Sometimes, I feel like that God locked me in such a black glass box through which I can see this complete world, and no one can see me. I can feel what they go through but none can feel me. I can see them laughing sharing their happiness but no one cares whether I am happy or not. When the people out are happy gives me a little smile burying the extreme pain inside for not even been able to share my smile with anyone. It all goes inside this black glass. I get all those feelings that they can feel, yet I am so isolated. I cry alone for me and for their pain. I smile alone when they are happy. I scream in this loneliness that I want to be happy, I want someone to be there with me when I am in pain, when I am in tears. Want someone to wipe off my tears. I am screaming for help but none can hear my voice. Its all me inside, its all my loneliness inside.

Living in the walls of your own thought consisting all the emotions waiting to burst out.. but nobody knows whats up with you, that's where you lived that anonymous life. Look at the faces around and ask yourself is there anyone like you, who you think he/she knows you ? And they might have the similar question in their heart too. So that's how we all are different in this world with different feelings, different beauty, different intelligence and everyone is unique ! So do you and so do I. So never judge anyone on your understanding. Give as much love as you can. Because they need more of love than you so don't hate them.

I sit back at the glass and watch days passing by including all festivals and occasions, nobody ever wished me a good day but I wish them all. I ask myself, why I had been hated for too long yet I am surviving in this hope that someday, someone will be a part of me, will share all that I have got. And will give me all their love just to see me smile once. I know that someone, will never let me die alone being anonymous. Don't know when but one day I will share this anonymity with someone anonymous like me.

Do you wait for someone like that ?

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