Anonymous (part I)

You might be thinking why this title "Anonymous", but do you realize ever what life we live. We have got such a huge world with numerous countries and Islands which all together makes a population of 2 billion people.
But do you have that one person in your life who can completely understand you, who can devote all their life just for you and die just for you.

How you will feel like when you will have that one person to unconditionally love you throughout. I know it sounds like a dream coming true but trust me if you ever happen to find that person you will never ever cry out, your life will seem like a bed of roses. Anyways, how strange is it ? You spend whole life finding one person to love you and you can't find one, how unfair is that to mankind !!?

Had been living alone for years in the boundaries of my own thoughts, never found one who could really have taken me out of those boundaries. I feel more pity when someone comes to you stays for a while gives you hope that they will take you out but at the end they leave you making those boundaries more stronger and taller which you can neither jump nor break. The good thing about the walls(boundaries) that nobody can come inside too. So again a lesser hope to find someone for yourself. So you live an anonymous life where no one knows you.

Are you living that Anonymous life too .. ??

p.s. : Second part is also up hope you will like that too.

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  1. true.So I guess we should be stern enough so that we do not fall prey to these heartbreaks.Because in either ways we are the one affested

    1. Being stern all the time will push away from happiness so its better to be stern by your mind but manage your heart at the same time to enjoy some other colors of life..


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