She's Been the Love

She's been away,
while I'm left on the way.
She's been far,
just like the shining star.

She's been all,
when I've nothing at all.
She's been the light,
in the lonely scary night.

She's been the hope,
while I've no way to cope.
She's been the wish,
like the Gods grace n bliss.

She's been the only,
When I'm all lonely.
She's been my ever,
For who I can wait forever.

P.S.: I'm missing you so terribly that I can't find life any more in me.. I wont let it end this way.

Author : Rajiv Anand ~ Every Night Has A Morning ~ Click here to read other posts

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  1. she's been the love..amazing concept. he has been the sky of love who wraps her in his embrace. and i have to admit i love the stars on this blog. everytime i see the stars, it reminds me of the terrace and one special evening of my life. life will find you back. soon


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